Monday, March 28, 2011

Living Room: Before and "Progress"

I titled this post Before and "Progress," because even though we've done quite a bit in this room there's still much to be done! Here's what we've done so far:
- painted the walls and trim
- purchased a sofa, rug, two chairs and two lamps
- decorated a little (see wall behind sofa in photo below)
- replaced the hideous light fixtures above the island (I know, technically that's the kitchen but it's all one big room. More on the kitchen later)

Things still on our list:
- get a bigger coffee table
- start my photo collage on the wall behind the chairs
- purchase and hang curtains
- find a toss cushion for each of the chairs

I'm planning a more formal house tour post to document all the before and afters, but in the interim, here's a before photo I snapped on my smartphone the day we took possession of the house (sorry for the blurry quality, but you get the idea):
And here's what it looks like as of yesterday afternoon:
I am so thrilled with our most recent find: the mirror behind the sofa. I knew I wanted a mirror but wanted something different and kind of beachy looking. I think the table/mirror combo turned out really well!

Stay tuned for a house tour post in the next little while.

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow this is absolutely beautiful Renee!!! Can't wait to come over and hang out in that awesome looking couch! :)

  2. Not hang out in the couch, I meant hang out and sit on that awesome looking couch... sorry lol

  3. Thanks Anna! And Joanna you're too funny, you're welcome anytime!!

  4. Looks fabulous Renee and Brent, good job!