Thursday, April 26, 2012

Harrison: Two Months

I'm a little, ok a lot late with Harrison's two month update. He'll be 3 months in 10 days, better late than never though right?

Harrison, you have changed so much over the past month. You started smiling, not just in response to mommy and daddy's smiles but spontaneously which is hilarious and heart warming first thing in the morning. You love time on your change pad now, we spend at least ten minutes each diaper change exchanging smiles while you babble on telling us about whatever it is that's going on in that growing brain of yours. We like to think you're telling us about your dreams or about driving the cement truck that was parked outside of our house last week :)

You have discovered your hands which is so fun to watch. You love folding them and putting them in your mouth, and you also love reaching for the birds on your activity mat!

After bath time (which you still love!) we put you on your tummy and you love to lift your head and watch what's going on. You even roll over which is hilarious, we're so proud of you!

At your two-month check up you weighed 13 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 25 inches long! You're going to be a big boy which is no surprise given your family lineage on both sides! You were also a champ when it came time to have your vaccinations. You cried...hard but only for a few minutes and then you slept the whole way home.

In terms of a routine, you're really starting to find your groove. You consistently go to bed around 7pm every night and usually sleep 8-9 hours, have a quick feeding around 3 or 4am and go back to sleep until 7 or so. We've had some nights where you've woken up twice but for the most part it's once a night and mommy and daddy are very thankful for the consecutive hours of sleep you've given us! We know that any day it can change as you start teething or learn a new skill, but for now we're so proud of you!

Your daytime naps have really improved too! During the first month you really didn't care much for your crib during the daytime, but now you go down for about three 45-minute naps each day, sometimes we get a long midday nap which is especially nice but we'll take what we can get for now!

Harrison you make each day exciting and challenging. I love seeing the world through your eyes as you experience the newness of everything. You bring so much joy to your daddy and me, our hearts are so full with love for you!

Here are a few photos of Harrison's second month:
Harrison and his buddy, Otis!
Sleeping on daddy. He doesn't do this as much anymore!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Harrison: One Month

Harrison turned one month old last week! (You might be wondering where the "Introducing our son, Harrison" post is. We spent the first weeks getting to know him and didn't focus on anything else so this is the first post on our little guy!)

Our first month with Harrison was awesome. While there certainly were difficult moments/hours/days, there were so many more where we would just watch him in awe. We have loved every minute getting to know him and watching him develop before our very eyes. He has transitioned from a sleepy newborn to an alert, inquisitive baby over the past four weeks.

At one month, Harrison:
- weighs 10.6 pounds and is 23 inches long
- eats every 2.5-3.5 hours during the day and about every 4 hours at night
- naps in between most daytime feedings and every nighttime feeding
- holds his head up while on his tummy or while we're holding him (right before his neck realizes how heavy it is and he head butts us in the chin...ow!)
- loves the bath
- is starting to detest diaper changes a little less

Here are some of our favourite photos from Harrison's first month:
Our first family photo (taken on Harrison's Birth Day - February 5, 2012)
Proud First Time Daddy!
Brent at home with his boy!
And here is Harrison's one month photo! I am not skilled in Photoshop nor do I possess the software so I can't layer a "One Month" image on his onesie, so we'll just need to use captions when we put them in the photo book :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Times they are a changing...

Just over a week ago Brent and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. We had decided last year that we wanted to start a tradition of getting away for the special occasion, and this year we decided to go back to the place where we said "I do"- Niagara-on-the-Lake!

We enjoyed a beautifully sunny morning leisurely walking in and out of shops and enjoying delicious coffee and lemonade. Around noon we decided it was time to visit wedding/engagement destination #1 (I should also mention we got engaged in NOTL in 2008, so this picturesque town is doubly significant to us). The night we got engaged we went to the Prince of Wales Hotel for a drink in their uber cool lounge, and the August sun and humidity had us ready for a cold bevy!

We finished our drinks and headed over to the Queen's Landing Hotel for lunch. We had a great server who was absolutely charmed by the fact that we had gotten married there exactly two years ago that day. He took extra time to chat with us about the great moments from our wedding day at the property, and returned at the end of our meal with a very special surprise for us:

Thank you Queen's Landing for making our anniversary lunch so special!

After lunch we drove over to the rose garden at the Pillar and Post (ceremony location), but unfortunately didn't take any photos, so I'll use a pic from the garden two years ago:

Later on we checked in to the B&B and got ready for dinner. And what a dinner we had! Brent took care of reserving us a table at the Charles Inn, (the place we had dinner the night he proposed). We had such a relaxing evening enjoying every morsel and relishing our delicious after dinner coffee:

The night Brent proposed, we took a walk by the lake in Queen's Royal Park and he popped the question in the beautiful white gazebo. If you read my post from our first anniversary, you'll know we started an anniversary photo tradition last year and thought the gazebo would be a great backdrop for year two.

This year's photo is especially significant for us, as we decided it was a great opportunity to showcase an incredibly special addition to our family...

Most of you reading this already know, but for the rest of you our little bean/beanette will be making an appearance the first week of February! Brent's hoping for a Superbowl Sunday baby :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Four Months??!

I just realized it's been four months since I last posted on here. I am ashamed and feel I can't really call myself a blogger (not that I ever really did since my posts were so sporadic!). Nevertheless, I'm back and have a great post (IMO) I can't wait to share with you all later today!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life is Good

Today is a good day. Not that every other day is a bad day, but for some reason today I have such a sense of optimism and excitement about life in general. The sun is shining and I just got back to my desk from a walk around the park which neighbours our office campus.

This great weather allows me to walk to and from work, as well as on my lunch hours. Intermittent walks throughout my day encourage me to gear up for the day/reflect/ponder/and just smile at how good life really is. The spring months mean the grass is getting greener, the days are already longer (love it!), and it means that summer is just around the corner.

Last night Brent and I were sitting in the family room with the windows open, and we could hear a soccer game taking place at the nearby sports complex. We both smiled as we chatted about the "sounds of summer," like baseball games, crickets at night, birds chirping in the morning, bicycle wheels speeding down the road, and thunderstorms. Just typing this is making me smile!

Have a great afternoon on this beautiful Friday eve friends!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Living Room: Before and "Progress"

I titled this post Before and "Progress," because even though we've done quite a bit in this room there's still much to be done! Here's what we've done so far:
- painted the walls and trim
- purchased a sofa, rug, two chairs and two lamps
- decorated a little (see wall behind sofa in photo below)
- replaced the hideous light fixtures above the island (I know, technically that's the kitchen but it's all one big room. More on the kitchen later)

Things still on our list:
- get a bigger coffee table
- start my photo collage on the wall behind the chairs
- purchase and hang curtains
- find a toss cushion for each of the chairs

I'm planning a more formal house tour post to document all the before and afters, but in the interim, here's a before photo I snapped on my smartphone the day we took possession of the house (sorry for the blurry quality, but you get the idea):
And here's what it looks like as of yesterday afternoon:
I am so thrilled with our most recent find: the mirror behind the sofa. I knew I wanted a mirror but wanted something different and kind of beachy looking. I think the table/mirror combo turned out really well!

Stay tuned for a house tour post in the next little while.

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Paint (a banister) by Numbers

Brent and I have just finished our latest project, and boy was it a doozie! We had a great time spending over half a day (16.5 hours in total) together, but are we ever glad to be done! We are extremely pleased with the result. Here’s the lowdown on the banister painting expedition:

  • 66 spindles, 8 newels and approximately 25 feet of railing
  • 12 sheets of 100-grit sand paper to sand the entire thing down over 2 hours
  • 3 coats of paint to attain the finish we desired which took 14.5 hours in total, how’s that for some heart-to-heart chatting time?!

    And here’s the breakdown of our supplies and cost for the project:
    - CIL’s No VOC semi-gloss out of the can white paint (approx ½ a gallon): $0 = already owned
    - Sand paper: $6.76
    - Brushes: $0
    - Paint trays: $0
    - Painter’s tape: 0$
    - Total for project: $6.76

    Here’s a WAY back photo of what she looked like before we had even moved in:

    And here’s a few from after we painted the walls (back in November) but before painting the banister:

    And here she is all clean and glossy white!

    Next step: artwork and photos for those bare walls!