Thursday, April 26, 2012

Harrison: Two Months

I'm a little, ok a lot late with Harrison's two month update. He'll be 3 months in 10 days, better late than never though right?

Harrison, you have changed so much over the past month. You started smiling, not just in response to mommy and daddy's smiles but spontaneously which is hilarious and heart warming first thing in the morning. You love time on your change pad now, we spend at least ten minutes each diaper change exchanging smiles while you babble on telling us about whatever it is that's going on in that growing brain of yours. We like to think you're telling us about your dreams or about driving the cement truck that was parked outside of our house last week :)

You have discovered your hands which is so fun to watch. You love folding them and putting them in your mouth, and you also love reaching for the birds on your activity mat!

After bath time (which you still love!) we put you on your tummy and you love to lift your head and watch what's going on. You even roll over which is hilarious, we're so proud of you!

At your two-month check up you weighed 13 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 25 inches long! You're going to be a big boy which is no surprise given your family lineage on both sides! You were also a champ when it came time to have your vaccinations. You cried...hard but only for a few minutes and then you slept the whole way home.

In terms of a routine, you're really starting to find your groove. You consistently go to bed around 7pm every night and usually sleep 8-9 hours, have a quick feeding around 3 or 4am and go back to sleep until 7 or so. We've had some nights where you've woken up twice but for the most part it's once a night and mommy and daddy are very thankful for the consecutive hours of sleep you've given us! We know that any day it can change as you start teething or learn a new skill, but for now we're so proud of you!

Your daytime naps have really improved too! During the first month you really didn't care much for your crib during the daytime, but now you go down for about three 45-minute naps each day, sometimes we get a long midday nap which is especially nice but we'll take what we can get for now!

Harrison you make each day exciting and challenging. I love seeing the world through your eyes as you experience the newness of everything. You bring so much joy to your daddy and me, our hearts are so full with love for you!

Here are a few photos of Harrison's second month:
Harrison and his buddy, Otis!
Sleeping on daddy. He doesn't do this as much anymore!

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