Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Very First Home(!)

Here it is, Brents and my first home! (Well it will officially be ours on May 14 when we get the keys, only 84 more days!) Isn't she a beaut? Ok I know what you're thinking: Satellite dish = eww. We couldn't agree more. We have already decided that it is the first thing to go, and with a new paint job on the garage and front door it will be oh-so-pretty.

Ahhh home owner bliss. No more rent. No more filling out request forms to change paint colours - we can paint it flourescent green if we want to (of course we won't because Brent married me, and I love my colour wheel).

We are beyond excited about our new (first) house. We're so excited to make it ours, inside and out and share our DIY's, upgrades and renos with you all.

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  1. YEAH!!! Love the new blog, it is already in my Google reader!