Thursday, March 11, 2010

Purchase Appliances: Check.

Our new house comes with a refrigerator and dishwasher, which meant we needed to purchase a range, washer and dryer. Possibly the three most expensive appliances one needs to run their home = eek.

Right off the bat we determined that we wanted a gas range and gas dryer, since the house is already equipped with the hookup and they're much more efficient to run. The only issue with this is those features tend to cost more than your standard electric appliances, so we had our work cut out for us. (Since I love to cook with gas I was pretty pumped that I was going to get my wish of having a gas range without having to fight for it...score!)

After spending a few weeks casually looking at big orange and other major home furnishing stores, and figuring out what we wanted to spend, we decided to spend last Sunday afternoon driving around and looking at some local places that advertised sales in the weekend paper. We started out at Bad Boy (I never thought I'd step foot in one of their stores, their kitchy commercials always screamed "STAY AWAY!" for me but alas, we went in. After looking around a bit, a salesman helped answer our questions and also showed us a laundry pair that was last year's model but was offering a sweet discount AND no extra charge for the gas dryer option. With my trusty notebook in tow, I took down the specs of the pair and also the range and off we went.

We then proceeded to a handful of other appliance stores looking for this same laundry pair and the range (which I had already checked out on Consumer Reports and read a slew of reviews on), and to my surprise none of them compared to the prices at Bad Boy. Thus, Brent and I went for a coffee and discussed purchasing the three appliances that day, (they were going to hold them for us til May 15th, what more could we ask for?) and came to the conclusion that we would go back to Bad Boy and buy the appliances.

Back to the store we went and, after some superb negotiating skills by both Brent and myself (don't we make a stellar team?) we left the store the proud owners of a soon-to-be-delivered washer, dryer and range!

I'm so excited to cook with this beauty!

Who's better at finding deals than yours truly? Nooooooooobody!


  1. She's a beaut!!!! (L)

  2. You guys are wise shoppers!