Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Anyone reading this who has been to our house will know that our house has two main living areas: the main floor great room (open concept kitchen/living/dining room), and our second floor family room. When we moved into the house last May we decided that since the second floor family room was so open and airy, with 16+ foot ceilings and big windows, that it would be our media room/chill zone and that the main floor living area would be more formal (but not "don't sit on that!" formal). Since we moved into the house with one set of couches/side tables, we put them upstairs in the family room.

Now, 8 months later our great room is still sans living room furniture. Don't get me wrong, this was intentional on our part. We didn't want to rush into buying the first pieces we liked. We made the decision early on that we would wait until we'd lived in the space for a while (and painted) so we could really figure out what we wanted. After painting the house last November, and spending the better part of six months looking at Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and Restoration Hardware I finally knew what I wanted. Now I just needed to find the pieces at the right price!

Over Christmas we were in Calgary visiting family. One night the girls went to Crate and Barrel while the guys watched football at home. While casually browsing the store my eyes focused on "the chair" (or chair(s) as we needed and bought two). I quickly snapped a photo and BBM'd it to Brent back at the house. He really liked them but I wanted him to sit on the chair before we bought them, so we went back the next day. Brent loved it and we ordered two! Here's a couple pictures of the beauties. The first one was taken in the store with my BlackBerry and the other is from the C&B website.

I think they'll look great with one or two toss cushions on each!

Yesterday I got the call from C&B that the chairs had arrived and are ready for pickup. Great news, except that the pressure is now ON for finding and purchasing a couch, not to mention waiting for it to be delivered! I am pining for this Pottery Barn sofa:

Pottery Barn Buchanan sofa

I like the colour shown as it coordinates with the cushion on the chair. What do you think? I'm a little wary of buying a sofa from PB, as I've heard the quality doesn't match the price. Do any of you have experience (good or bad) with PB?

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  1. I love your new chairs...and can not wait for our next visit to enjoy a cup of Java with you .
    Hugs Mom xo